If you’ve seen us around town, thanks for paying us a visit.  Welcome to the fastest drinking club in El Paso, the Hash House Harriers.  We get together on a regular basis to navigate a chalk-and-flour trail that leads us to beer.

                 We hash all over El Paso: East Side, West Side, Northeast, Upper Valley, Lower Valley, Horizon City, Tornillo, Juárez, y más. (Yes, that was probably us you saw r*nning down your street the other day.)

                 Everybody is welcome to attend, provided they are at least 21.  El Paso hashers are a diverse group of people–men and women, young and old, civilian and military–people from all walks of life.

                 You do not have to be a good r*nner to be a hasher.  Leave all that stuff to the Front-r*nning Bastards.  Your main concern should be to get there before the FRBs drink all the beer.

                 Sometimes our trail leads to the tavern, where we have a frosty pint of ale or lager before getting back on trail.

                 The cost is $5.00 per hash, except for first-timers, who pay nothing.  Beer, soda, and snacks at the trail’s end are included in the price.  Let the down-downs begin!

               The rules are as follows: If you have half a mind to hash…that’s all you need.  On-On!