Welcome to the El Paso Hash House Harriers,
the “Drinking Club with a Running Problem.”
Come join us as we follow a trail through the streets, arroyos and back alleys of El Paso that leads to…BEER!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about the time-honored tradition of hashing.  We’ve been hashing in the Sun City since 1987 when we were founded by Little John, El Paso’s original half-mind.

We hash every Sunday and on other special occasions.  Check the hareline for start times and locations, as they may change.  Come join us for some beer, fun, exercise, and beer, as we tour El Paso in style.

Cost is only $5.00 per Hash, with first-timers getting in for the remarkably low price of zero dollars ($0.00).  Even with fluctuating exchange rates, that equates to zero pesos, zero euros, and zero yen.

Wow, prices haven’t been that low since before the creation of the Hash Universe over 15 billion years ago…

Typically, our trails are between two and five miles long, and we follow them strictly for the purposes of recreation, socializing, and beer.

And for all you competitive types with the expensive N*ke r*nning gear, we will dish out falsies and down-downs in the name of Justice.

Want some fun on a Sunday?  Like to drink beer?  Want to hang out with El Paso’s zaniest?  See you at the hash…

What are you waiting for, El Paso?  Help yourself to an ice-cold beer and let’s snare the hare, amigos.

And remember this:

"If you've got half a mind to join the hash...that's all you need."

On-On, El Paso!

If you have any questions or comments, contact:  pinkslit_69@yahoo.com or 915-373-6181
hose.handler@mail.com  ,  iscelpaso1@aol.com or 915-252-5646